Cacahuète de cirque

Je ne sais pas pourquoi Kelly Galloup a donné ce nom à son streamer, mais c’est à tout prendre de meilleur goût que l’insoutenable saloperie de house sautillante que la vidéo nous inflige en bruit de fond.

Coupez le son, vous êtes prévenus.

Mais il ne sera pas dit que vous perdrez des dixièmes aux oreilles ici. g0ne, le blog pêche qui s’inquiète pour vos tympans, vous suggère d’accompagner le montage du cirque articulé d’un petit John Zorn monté sur ressorts, qui ne pourra que prendre vos macules dans le sens du poil.

13 thoughts on “Cacahuète de cirque

            • yeah, I knew you would play non cooperative. :p
              my guess is that for large flies susceptible of being attacked from behind or from the side, it makes sense to me
              but then, I come from a whole life of lure fishing

            • look, i understand what you’re saying but flies are lures, no difference there.
              most toothed predators in fresh or salt water attack the head of their prey. take a look at just about any pike or saltwater fly to see what i mean. it would be the other way around if it was more productive.
              outside the obvious fish hurting probabilities of using several hooks another issue is the insecurity of the angler that thinks that every fish must be hooked and landed, most usually to be photographed with a wide-angle lens to make it look bigger and/or pointed towards the lens as if it was a gun… and displayed on forums and sites to boost their selfish egos.
              i have no problems with rapalas or such, but have big problems when i see 2 or 3 treble hooks on a lure and same goes for flies.


  1. now you’re talking.
    1) I agree on: treble=bad, barb=(much)worse
    2) afaimc, you will probably get away with your big hook = small dick suspicions
    3) having caught my fair share of pikes on lures, hooked either on middle or tail (debarbed) hooks, I still think it’s useful for pike who are rather clumsy guys, hitting more or less anywhere on a 20cm ‘fly’
    4) let’s face it, until someone invent some supergluegum that’ll catch fishes by sticking to their teeth, hooking fish will hurt them
    5) I’m not sure I get your ‘pike flies are efficient the way they are’ argument, since pike flyfishermen are the ones using more and more articulated flies

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