Vox populi,

also known as the People’s Voice, thundered in its crater and issued a most explicit message: whatever.

So I’m making it official, this place just falled the other side of the linguistic divide. Rejoice, O you my French reader. g0ne is no longer a guilty pleasure, it’s now a part of your education plan, training your English skills. Such as: profanity. Disrespect for grammatical good form. Sentences lacking verbs. Verbing any substantive (one of the coolest features of English). etc.

Still, I wouldn’t give the impression to the three of you who voted Flaubert and called for more Jeanne d’Arc that I turn a deaf ear to your plea. Without further ado, I give you:

(Angel) Trico hatch, Joan! Fish are surface feeding. Hurry! (Joan) Where's my trusty 4wt?


4 thoughts on “Vox populi,

  1. Hello!
    So now it’s in english, well as you want!

    On pourra toujours te répondre en français si il nous manques des mots en langue de shakespear. 😉


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