Visite du cockpit

(The following has no relation whatsoever with fishing. You’re warned)

Today I thought I’d introduce you to another aspect of the TsC&C lifestyle. For you may think that TsC&C is but a way to build a rod, or even a cover up for my lack of skill to do so. You couldn’t be more wrong. It’s a complete weltanschauung, my friends, and nothing short of that.Take the g0nefishin9 cockpit for instance, the very place from which all those verbal stunts are delivered to you. Here it goes:

As you can see, they don’t come any TsC&Cer. The astute reader, blessed with a keen eye for details, won’t fail to notice that my children are exceptionally creative, that I have at least two rods on which I must wrap the guides, and that g0ne is powered by Ubuntu. But wait! What’s that thing on the left?

That, my friend, is the ultimate TsC&C computing device, the g0nemachine

A motherboardful of awesomeness, hardly outputing 18dB at 1m. Obviously some yellow livered hard-gamer freak may object that this is just a pile of crap components, which is correct except for the CPU fan and the power supply (ie the noisy parts). For the rest I don’t give a damn. I don’t do Call of Duty MW3. I write papers and a blog.

Unrelated, trash and chic, certainly no cheap, Prada Fall-Winter 09-10


2 thoughts on “Visite du cockpit

  1. A voir les lectures de la bibliothèque je comprends maintenant mieux le sens de ce blog et qualité du texte employé ici:
    – Dialogues, logics and other strange things
    – An introduction tu substructural logics
    – Logic thought and actions
    – Philosophy of logics
    – Argumentation
    – Les philosophes et la science…

    ps: j’aime bien aussi “le poème de tes trente huit ans” 😉

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