RX6 F906-4, piano e sano

I got some time to work on the RX6 project. The babe is all wrapped up now:

Waiting for a piece of action...

I decided to experiment a little on the guide formula. I posted here that the law is to go with n+1 guides when n is the length of the blank (in feet). I wanted to spare every gram I could on this not-that-fast blank, so I went with 9 guides instead of 10:

  • 5 single foot #1
  • 1 #3
  • 1 #4
  • BLAG 10
  • BLAG 12 (stripper)

Now the only thing that remains to be done is to varnish the wraps. I’ll go with FlexCoat Lite this time. I’m still pondering whether to go testing the setup on the lawn before sealing everything in epoxy or not. I’ll probably give it a try.

Even more probable when considering that Mike Barrio joined a hand written letter to the GT140S line I bought from him. Given Marc ‘Limp’ Fauvet gives it a full support, I have great expectations for it. And at £24 with free postage, you don’t have to break the bank, which is good. And the bright orange will help you track your casting, which is great, and compliments really well the RX6 blue resin, a definite plus for the TsC&C bastard I am.

Beautiful RX6 Blue


3 thoughts on “RX6 F906-4, piano e sano

    • Boy, no, that’s what I did two days ago, after an apocalypse of research projects and one paper. I just needed to fiddle with carbon (the weather wasn’t too good for casting).

      • Well you seem to have survived that particular apocalypse unscathed. Hope you do as well when the zombies rise…

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