I decline to accept the end of man

The Manzier find the following would have been great if it wasn’t a fucking commercial, and from big ass companies just trying to kick Orvis in the balls (who decided to sell online, which will effectively kill local businesses all over the place).

Would be great if there was a local fly shop where I live

In France we have decathlon, a sports wallmart of sorts, another very effective way to kill local shops.

And obviously, there’s the fact that buying in a small shop is buying super expensive (in general), an inconvenient easily forgotten when you get great service and great info. Which, in my experience in France, you rarely get if you’re not yourself a local.

Being a local on the worse waters of France, I’ll obviously buy online. Still, I like the poster: reminds you that choosing a place to shop is one of the most politically-loaded action you take on a daily basis.

That, and to refuse to get rid of the brain destroying device in your living room (aka TV), something you really really really should do before it will have necrosed the parts of your cortex allowing you to read Faulkner.

I hope it’s not too late for you.

Faulkner: Go read one of my books, bitch.


9 thoughts on “I decline to accept the end of man

  1. You’re right. I always prefer to buy local but it’s difficult to support small shops when the prices are higher and the service isn’t up to par. In my home town I lived within walking distance of, what was then, the only fly shop in the city. This place was so cliquish and expensive I started buying online instead of just walking down the street to get what I wanted. And I was a local! (Thinking back on it, I’m pretty sure they weren’t ) But this is just one place. I’ve also been in shops on the other side of the country and got treated like long lost family.
    I think the fly in fist would make an awesome tattoo and owning a TV does not keep you from understanding Faulkner or even Joyce.

  2. well, maybe not the owning proper, but the watching impairs cognitive faculties, I take it as a fact.
    And let’s go modus tollens just for the fun of it. IF someone reads and enjoys Faulkner, how could (s)he possibly bear the smoking crap oozing from the screen? beyond me.

    I’ll concede the existence of audiovisual goodness. but the internet made tv irrelevant for accessing it like 10 years ago. ^_^

    • I’ve watched French television and I can see where you’re coming from 😉
      And yes, the internet is the way to go when it comes to audiovisual entertainment. But many shows have substance and are, god help me for saying this, art.

      • there’s no denying most of it is art, and most of the art part is abysmal, but there are quite a few gems.
        as for entertainment, I find the very concept extremely suspicious (except in the case of porn, where everything is clear and, when regulations about work conditions are respected, quite clean I dare say). of course I consume (more than) my fair share of entertainment, but what saves my snobbish soul from doom is that I generate above-average quantities of guilt while beginning yet-another-season of Madmen.
        (I pass on French tv, it’s not worth it (even if we have cool regulations about commercial breaks))

  3. I watch television, sometimes. It’s been a while since I picked up Faulkner, but I am working my way through a collection of essays by Mark Twain. Does it help that I enjoy sitting on the veranda in a bamboo chair, with my shirt off, wearing aviator shades and smoking a pipe? How about extra credit if I wear Bermuda shorts, long wool socks and a hair piece?

    Sometimes I wish there was town in my town, let alone a fly shop. I buy where I can. With the internet, that is anywhere I please.

  4. Let me see… Twain+veranda+pipe+aviator shades, my fashion sense tells me that if you want full credit, you must compliment with a beret. Wear it inclined over your left ear, obviously.

    bermudas and long wool socks are a killer combo, but then watch out for the shoes! My advice: a good pair of oxblood brogues would do the trick. I particular if one considers that the design of the brogues comes from the needs of Scottish gillies, walking through the bogs…

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