Blood Knot (2)

I had not read the whole issue when I posted yesterday about Blood Knot, and among the few things that escaped my vigilance was a real gem. A certain Mr. Ward is concerned with a certain tendency among passionate fly fishermen to consider fly fishing as a religion. For the sake of clarity, let me remind you that passion here should be understood not in the sense the word may have in marketing departments, but rather in the sense the word had for classical philosophers (in particular after Kant):

Passions are cancerous sores for the pure practical reason, and for the most part they are incurable because the sick person does not want to be cured and flees from the dominion of principles, by which alone a cure could occur.

I. Kant, Antropology from a Pragmatic Point of View, § 81 (1798).

Now our good Mr. Ward, who claims to have a “christian worldview”, whatever that may be, takes issue with the propensity of the poor bums afflicted by a passion for the fly to justify the unreasonable amounts of resources of diverse nature (time, money, significant other’s patience and whatnot) they invest in the pursuit of the fishes, by comparing this pursuit to religious zeal.

The righteous Mr. Ward is worried for their soul, for he sees such a blasphemous analogy as symptomatic of the temptation of idolatry, for those who worship the fishes and the rod more than the Almighty

bend their knee to the temporal and the created (…).

He thus proceed to admonish the sinners that no one but god should be the object of a cult, politely leaving aside the part where idolaters go burn in hell.

There so much wrong with the good Mr. Ward and his prose that I would bore you to death (a sin, no doubt) by cataloging it, and I leave it as an exercise for the reader, in either critical thinking or christian theology (choose your weapon), to find at least seventeen respects in which the paper sorely lacks. But I can’t resist the temptation to give you one that could easily pass unnoticed. The pamphlet, and it’s the only one in the whole magazine, in written in Comic Sans. Yes it is.

Now, if you are not familiar with typesetting 101, let me just tell you that Comic Sans is a product of Satan, who tried to do something funny to mock God when He created Helvetica.

Had Thomas Aquinas lived to see the post Gutenberg world, he would have added a chapter in his Contra Gentiles dedicated to the unholiness of Comic Sans

Publishing worldwide such religious bs in such a font, I diagnose a brain parasite. But as Dr House would have it, don’t rule out autoimmune too hastily. It may well be a lupus eating Broca’s area.


4 thoughts on “Blood Knot (2)

  1. niiiiice !
    yesterday, i was just thinking of a future contest for the Cobra where the challenge was to stay awake during Ward’s 3 hour long Skagit casting dvd…

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