DHE 2.0

stolen from the Limp, a spectacular improvement of Bob Wyatt’ DHE tying process. As the previous post amply demonstrates, I’m not the nimblest guy this side of the Rio Bravo, so I was convincing myself (while rereading Trout Hunting, a brilliant book in many respect if you ask me) that the DHE in a couple of colors and sizes is probably most of what I need for surface feeding fishes, with perhaps a DH sedge for good measure.

So I was: ok, I’ll start my flytying training with it when I have finished the two rods I’m building. And bam! Marc comes up with this:

So I guess, my 2012 box will be full of DHEs, from 12 to 18 (there’s no possible world in which I can tie a 20 fly).


2 thoughts on “DHE 2.0

    • well, I smell a Sorites paradox there…
      let me put it that way: if you’re comfortable with a size x hook, you probably won’t fuck up much with size x+2. now I’m perpetually on the verge of a (not royal) fuckup at 18, so I take it that disaster is certain at 20.

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