my friends, is the ugliest wrap ever created by human hands.

Better ask Lovecraft to describe what happened when I tested a motorized device to help me with the Permagloss. I my defence (?) I should say that the aformentionned PG was half polymerized when I started what was to be the unleashing of all the demons of Hell.

It was a sense of routine which kept me from going mad. I had drilled myself in preparation for the crucial moment, and blind training saved me. Recognizing the bubbling evil as no substance reachable by matter or material chemistry, and therefore ignoring the carboard box I usually varnish my wraps on, I threw on the current of the small apparatus that turned the rod, and focussed toward that scene of immortal blasphemousness the ugliest varnish coat which man’s art can arouse from the spaces and fluids of nature. There was a bluish haze and a frenzied sputtering, and the yellowish phosphorescence grew dimmer to my eyes. But I saw the dimness was only that of contrast, and that the waves from the machine had no effect whatever.

Then, in the midst of that demoniac spectacle, I saw a fresh horror which brought cries to my lips and sent me fumbling and staggering toward that unlocked door to the quiet street, careless of what abnormal terrors I loosed upon the world, or what thoughts or judgments of men I brought down upon my head. In that dim blend of blue and yellow the form of my wrap had commenced a nauseous liquefaction whose essence eludes all description, and in which there played across his vanishing form such changes of identity as only madness can conceive.

Freely pirated from HP Lovecraft, The Shunned House.


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