Dress Code

Escaped my attention a while ago on the Moldy Chum, a gem of practical wisdom in a package that only a subject of her Majesty could get away with. And he does, that jolly good fellow, he does get away with a lemon cardigan, a cufflinks shirt (brilliantly designed by a tailor who, as the saying goes in France, is probably rich), a post Bowie haircut, and exceedingly cool glasses.

I hate to use that abused phrase, but there’s no credible alternative in my repertoire: the chap oozes awesomeness. A marginally relevant video for fishing purposes, but a grand lesson in style, which is relevant for a life worth living.

Now, for the ‘get that hook out of your ass’ trick, here’s the British way. Basically the same, but somewhat in a different style. Cahill doesn’t spare himself to prove us it works (well, I didn’t see the barb, but I’ll let my usual paranoia aside). Edge merely tells us it works, but he does so in a truly fine pair of pants, a rather good shirt, and a questionable scarf, but my guess is that there’s probably some lucky charm involved here. And he does mention you could also be fishing a barbless hook, you’ll not gonna loose your fish. And as he suggests he does so, he proves my point: barbless is good for style.


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