Streamer Madness

Tomorrow I hit the water of the Salamandre with the boys. I’m on mission rainbow. The finish on MHX F906-4 is still smoking hot, my new airflo reel is loaded with the Barrio GT140S (a line I have already tried on the lawn, and loved, but will thoroughly field-test now)…

Everything is GO.

And since you don’t catch a big trout with peanuts, I decided to enter a trance, forget about my incompetence at the vise and proceed to tie a wild orgy of streamers. I know some of you guys are first class tiers, some are even pros, so let me tell you that the following pictures are a slap in the face of the noble art, a manifesto of my inabilities. I am deeply ashamed by those flies. Yet I show them, maybe because there may be others beginners out there looking for reassurance (as you can see there are worse tiers than you), maybe because I have not yet abandoned the hope to get a good fish from them.

I'm well aware that this fly makes no sense at all. Maybe the fish aren't?

Also I had to tie around the many lacking items in my box. I still don’t have hackle pliers, or a hair stacker, head cement (let alone bug bond), beads, I have no marabou in almost all the good colors, no chenille, no dubbing, etc.

White + red head, classic combo. Well, for pike at least.

The tying was very fun, and I learned a lot. Whip finish is better but still not really there, but I blame the silly tool I inherited. I need a proper one.

Random bits bug

After watching literally hours of McPhail’s vise prowess, I recognized in my own activities some gross mockery of his. Marc is right, watching him carefully is an bottomless well of valuable info.

Davie, you are not entirely responsible for this. Marc also is to blame.

Since I don’t want you to leave g0ne on such a note, I’ll let the other Streamers make up for this. Which makes me think, maybe I should tie a beige streamer.


5 thoughts on “Streamer Madness

  1. I’ve tied and caught fish on flies that were well below the quality of those. Like all things in life, it takes practice to get good at something.
    Now go catch a fish!

      • The worst part about that is buy all the tools and then as you get better you quit using them one at a time until you’re left with a vise, a bobbin, and a few pair of scissors. Oh, and $10,000 of acquired materials…

  2. yeah, I kind of see that coming.
    I’m trying to stay simple, that’s what I tend to be convinced by those approaches (Wyatt, Blaisdell’s Philosophical Fisherman) where exact match etc. is not that important, and they advocate a kind of easy basic pattern you can adjust to conditions.
    the DHE is like that, all you need is (love and) deer hair and hare dubbing. change size and colors and some will say you have a good fly for quite a lot surface feeding situations.

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