Random fly du jour

Saturday I went to the pond to try to catch a rainbow. I did. But one in three hours smelled like a skunk, I wasn’t too happy about it. Especially since I caught that one on a streamer, then I switch to dry because I want to be a purist (and I could use a change from the lures). Except, I clearly don’t know what I’m doing when fishing a dry. I tried a couple of flies, but with no conviction and even less success.

My dear colleagues, that try to show me the ropes suggested the few rises I saw may have been coarse fishes, so they would recommend to stay under. Then I thought: wet! That’s what I need.

So tonight I wanted to do a March brown wet, a fly that seems most appropriate. The unavoidable McPhail has a very nice one.

Alas, I have nothing of what it takes. Not even a size 12 hook. I tell you, the things you need to tie a fly, it’s just bankruptcy on short term. My guess is that this guy just owns the frigggin’ fly tying store.

Whatever, I thought. Let’s improvise.

Blue assed fly thing

I kind of like it. It’s actually (somewhat) less ugly than the pic suggests, and has some cool transparency effect. And a motherf*cking blue ass of death that will totally give the bows an URGE to bite it.

Eat my blue shorts

The astute reader will have noticed that the hackle’s curves the wrong way. I just don’t get what went wrong. I was going all McPhail on that goddamn feather, taking the fibers back as I winded around the shank, but it decided to bend like that. On purpose I bet.

Unrelatedly: one hour on the lawn with the RX6 today, I wanted to confirm my impressions. Well, this babe kicks asses actually. It’s a joy to cast.


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