Sexyloops is like the holy bible for flycasting and flyfishing. It only contains true statements. Like the following:

When fly fishermen meet, you’ll often hear stories of easy dry fly casts up to 25 or 30 meters, and sometimes even longer. We believe that in most cases these stories are the result of wishful thinking, or perhaps the lack of a measuring tape. During last winter’s 5-Line Cup, we watched many of the best casters in Norway compete in perfect conditions without wind, using the best equipment for distance casting. Despite that, the 30 meter mark was not passed with every cast. To make such a distance, up to your waist in a river, with a strong wind, aiming your back cast through a small opening between the trees, sounds rather unlikely. To put it straight: Twenty-five meters is an extremely long dry fly cast! Thirty meters is not impossible, but there are few casters (if any), who are capable of doing this on a regular basis with light trout tackle in most practical fishing situations.

The first part is oh-so-true. I recently read on a French forum a claim about people able to put a dry fly in the neck of a bottle at 30m. First I felt a little humbled by such otherworldly skills. Now I have some doubts. Maybe the guy was measuring with the wrong side of the tape. The one in feet. And maybe also that was a very large bottle.

Marc says: go tie a leader, you damn fool!

The second part is also very true. Twenty-five meters is an extremely long dry fly cast, it says, and that’s very true. And I don’t mention that because this morning I hit twice the 24m mark with my new Barrio GT90 WF6I. Which, according to the flycasting gods at sexyloops is just one wee meter short of an extremely long dry fly cast. I cannot really give you an opinion on the line, since I tested it with no leader, which I hear some expert say is really something stupid to do. They are probably right. The first 2cm of the line tend to agree as you can see. But cast well it does, at any rate…

Seems that (a) 24m also means something in minecraft and (b) minecraft players are not necessarily familiar with elementary grammatical notions.

Anyway, taking casting seriously, and putting some hours on the lawn is starting to produce quite noticeable results. Do it! You won’t believe how much good will come from it.

If you chose the right place, provided you can throw a pointy loop, you may even get lucky with the ladies. Just saying.


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