Something went wrong

… with my March Brown. I was going to put a cool wing in order to feel at last that I’m part of the ancient and noble tradition that puts wings on its flies, like Dame Juliana Bernes did back in the early XVth century.

Her Dameness

It didn’t work at all. One of the reasons for that is that I don’t have a proper feather from which I could extract a pair of wings. All I’ve got is some half eaten garbage, which I tried to bend to my will for what seemed a very long eternity, before sending the damn stuff to hell. Then I remembered I read somewhere that the modern wet tends to have some lively fibers in lieu of wings.

All right I said. Fuck that wing, I’ll put deer hair on it. The result is not that bad, but kind of hide the hackle.


9 thoughts on “Something went wrong

    • thanks Marc, I appreciate your kindness.
      oh, btw, you were totally right on line colors. I just got me a GT90 intermediate, tried it a couple of hours yesterday and this morning. that thing is fucking invisible! it’s almost like casting with eyes closed. you have to chose the right angle to get the right background to catch a glimpse of what’s going on with your backcast.
      anyway, I’m pretty pleased with the line. it casts well. I shot 24m of it twice today. that backing is no longer that far…
      (that was my morning stupid self satisfaction moment ^_^ )

  1. it’s a little hard to tell because I hadn’t tied a leader, so first almost all casts were overpowered. a tough school for dosing energy to try to land a straight line without leader. I recommend. but it’s hard to be consistent with a ghost line.
    I cast in two places. first on water, with some space but trees and bushes around me. there things get complicated because it’s hard to tell where exactly your line is. I sure was glad I hadn’t a fly on. would have hooked every single branch in the neighborhood. Then on a big open space, and there we’re in business.

    what I felt is kinda obvious. the intermediate is denser so it tends to be ‘snappier’ and not in a good way, i mean a little harder to get to unfurl in the buttery way that I associate with good form. the 140 seems a little more forgiving. at the same time, it seemed less affected by the gusts of wind (+-30kmh). It seems you can get really good speed with the 90.
    but all that falls in the scope of my first remark.
    what I liked is that it’s not at all a tip-heavy line, it felt like the 140 in this respect, well balanced. I don’t like it when there’s much weight on the tip. If I want to cast a lure, I have spinning rigs.

    • no offense but what kind of test is that ?
      evaluating casting without a leader is like trying to evaluate a car without tires…
      you might have already ruined the tip of the line. i’d check it out closely.

      • oh that’s a silly test all right. no doubt. ^_^
        but when I got to my casting grounds yesterday and realized I had forgotten to put a leader, it would have taken much more wisdom than I have to go back home without giving it a go.
        This morning was clearly a freudian Fehlleistungen, since I packed the very same rig in the car without even thinking about leaders. For my defense, I’d add that I also packed in the car three kids (6-7-9) going to school, and they are not exactly of the kind that will let you think about what you are doing.
        and, yes, the first two cm of the line are not at their finest. let’s say I will not have to strip them to put a connector. ^_^

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