Un jour, ma cabane

Who said a fishing shack should be a wooden nostalgic affair? A good dose of modernism will not hurt, and will perfectly compliment the space age stuff they use to make waders, blanks, lines and leaders. I’ll wait for the evening hatch with a Glen Rothes, listening to the Dialogue de l’ombre double.

(Girls not included)


8 thoughts on “Un jour, ma cabane

  1. Hello!

    Concrete or not concrete that is a style question! 🙂

    Personnaly speacking, i prefer wood than concrete. Have they got a good stove?



    • yours came with the girls because you can throw proper USDs off a roll cast, and I find you a little obnoxious to brag about that in the casting third-world. :mrgreen:

      tried the USDs today, it hard not to crash. in a couple of occasion something went wrong and I ended with these impossible horizontal climbing loops you were talking about a while ago. NO idea why it happened like this.

      • two options:
        your brain isn’t giving your casting arm the right information.
        or, you casting arm doesn’t want to listen.

        i recommending hitting both very hard until they do what they’re supposed to.
        there are specialized casting hammers that do the job very well. if you can’t afford one you can use a regular hammer but you’ll have to hit harder and more frequently.

        hope this helps,

        • oh, I see. thanks. do the guys at trout line sell these casting hammers?

          actually, I think it’s a combination: the brain gives fuzzy orders and the arm anyway doesn’t really know how to obey.
          fact is, they hardly know each other. I’m quite the intellectual type, so usually my brain is no too fond of dealing with the body. but I’m trying to change that, and I use casting to do it. it’s (sort of) working… but I get all sorts of interesting loop shapes that unfortunately I cannot reproduce in general.

          • no, the Casting Hammer ® is my invention, soon to be distributed in the Cobra Shop. i’ll let you know when they come in from China.

            have your intellectual brain and dumb body try these two things:
            – pantomime your casts before casting and do this as much as possible.
            do this in front of a mirror and compare yourself with online videos.
            – break each cast down in components and work on just one at a time. when you can do that consistently, add another component, etc, etc, until you can perform the whole cast.


            • woah, that’s quite the training program! I actually pantomime a lot a home (the wife think I’m going crazy) but never thought to break down. i’ll do that.
              thanks for the tips!

  2. ok, good. here’s a little challenge for your IBaDB (Intellectual Brain and Dumb Body) :mrgreen:
    think up and write down all the components needed for a simple, basic, pick up and lay down cast. details, details, details. dig deep !
    this might make for a really good blog post. it would be interesting to read what your other readers have to say about it 😉

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