shoot’em up

I had a big epiphany a couple of days ago when I first met here with the notion of a loop fight. You know, I’m rather on the quarrelsome side of the spectrum. It’s not really for the competition (I don’t care much for that), what I like is rather aggression. Combat stuff. So when Paul mentioned that you could actually fight with a flyline, I was all ‘but of course we can!! I want to. Right now!!”

I don't think so, my lad. I chose the 5wt.

The problem, obviously, is to find someone crazy enough to actually want to do this. Your typical fly fisher is a rather benign guy, usually, so it’s probably not going to be trivial. But then, I have a plan B. For, as you may know, I have kids…

So I said to the girls: let’s play a game. I’m the fisherman, you are the fishes. If I touch you with the fly, I catch you. If the other one touches you, you’re free. Each time I catch you both I win. Needless to say, what followed was an hour of pure flycasting madness for me and huge fun for my baby dolls. Like reservoir trouts, the little buggers quickly learn how to swim just beyond your reach… If you’ve got young kids (around 6 is perfect) everyone’s in for a treat.

You may even argue that the new 4wt you need is especially for playing with the kids. How about that?

But now I want some symmetry. I want to dodge. I want to fire and forget. I want to go all Indiana Jones with my line… Greg, where are you ? Grab your XP, I have something for you.

in a loop fight, size may well matter

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