a fairly easy one for me, since I’ve been totally obsessed with that for 8 months now. To borrow Marc‘s phrase, I want to tame the line. I want to make these hundred feet of line a part of my body and my mind. And make them do as I please.

So for inspiration, I often go to castporn:

A music short of perfect. “The ability to cast a perfect loop should be the goal of all fishermen.” Amen.

And because we all need some gratification sometimes, much inspiration can be gotten from the following


Is that a prompt, really? Boy, you must have been tired by the end of the list.

Anyway, what’s new around the block is that furled leader post, which tends to get a little sentimental maybe, and should incur Marc’s wrath for suggesting you match the leader to the rod and not the line (plus fishing style and several other parameters), but still got me interested in that furled business. Thing is: my leaders are crap, do not turn well, and I must do something about that.

I even blame them for my tailing loops, but that’s just me inventing excuses.