Long time no see

I’ve been away for quite a while, as you may have noticed. I moved. Carried tons of stuff through a bitch of a staircase. Spent hours reconfiguring the new place. Now I’m building furniture.

When I have a moment, I’m g0ne fishin9. This is my first fly fishing month of May. It’s a ball. The bows are rising like mad to stuff I have no idea of, but I try to get the size and color, and it works to some extent.

Buzzer suspender, with a polystyrene bead. Cool for buoyancy and visibility

Today, caught 3 lost 2 (goddamn 2 pounds tippet). Got the first on a simple dry all black, the following on a sort of March Brown, and the last on a grey and green buzzer suspender. So obviously I didn’t get what was going on. They were clearly interested in white hackles (had plenty of sniffing) but not enough to strike. Maybe the body was wrong.

Anyway, I’m a dry fly purist these days. How about that, my agitated friends?


8 thoughts on “Long time no see

    • that’s my boy ^_^
      straight to the Godwin Point in one move!
      Ich bin ein Trockenfliegenfischenpurist, mein General.
      how’s that for a onliner in Inglourious Basterds II?

        • easy: In the late 50s, Aldo Raine is called back in service in order to prevent a Nazi conspiracy aiming at unbalancing the US economy by targeting the copper sources in South America. The Nazis are based in Paraguay where they control an entire region. Raine and his guys are disguised as a pro-Nazi extreme-right group disguised as US flyfishermen exploring the Parana region for dorado. When they get to meet the local General,he interrogates them suspiciously because they don’t use streamers, and that’s what Pitt answers.

          Any resemblance with actual events of the second half of the 20th century in South America is obviously purely coincidental.

            • oh yeah, it’s going to be a good one.
              with Uma Thurman as the german cruella finally falling for Pitt, helping him and dying (oscar winning scene) in the flames of an Armageddon-fire in a petrol refinery at the Paraguay-Argentina border, and Salma Hayek as a kickass communist guerillera saving the day at the end.
              boy, I can’t wait.

  1. C’est étrange, en ce 8 mai, je ne vois nulle part écrit “Happy birthday my sister in law ! Wish you all the best !”. Une erreur informatique, sans doute.

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