Every Day in May

Oh, I missed this one, but I’m in anyway. Point is: a blog entry every day, on a prompt which may be found there. A very cool notion by three cool peeps. I  come late, but I’m definitely getting the thing rolling.

Today’s prompt is grinning and laughing

Grinning these days is that precise moment I step out of the car, having reached our little reservoir, just to get a glimpse of a rise. The bows are there, the game is on.  But then I gear and go and there’s no more grin for me. Nor for most of the fishermen I know, actually. I can’t remember seeing someone grinning while fishing. When fighting a good trout, that’s another matter of course, but actual fishing seems to be more a concentration and frowning job. I guess it takes quite a zen master to keep smiling while backcasting against the wind above the 2m high fence you have your back against, to a rising rainbow that will probably laugh at your ridiculous attempt to an Adams…

Well, I wish I was, I’m not there at all.

Where I am, though, is grinning when casting. I just can’t have enough of this flying line. A well formed loop, that neat feeling you get when timing and power and tracking all come together, all that stuff really makes me smile.

For a laugh, I’ll indulge a little and quote myself. I hardly ever laughed that much with a rod in hand as when playing catch and release with my girls

So I said to the girls: let’s play a game. I’m the fisherman, you are the fishes. If I touch you with the fly, I catch you. If the other one touches you, you’re free. Each time I catch you both I win. Needless to say, what followed was an hour of pure flycasting madness for me and huge fun for my baby dolls. Like reservoir trouts, the little buggers quickly learn how to swim just beyond your reach… If you’ve got young kids (around 6 years old is perfect) everyone’s in for a treat.


9 thoughts on “Every Day in May

    • your wisdom far exceeds mine, my master.
      all I can think about is catching the bastards. maybe it’ll ease off after a couple of thousands caught.

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