I’ve been searching for a line when I completed my 6wt. Since I was a regular at Marc’s Limp, I hadn’t failed to notice the new Barrio logo, a line brand he had mentioned already in some posts. So I asked him, and, not very surprisingly, he told me Barrio lines were really good.

And they are.

42.67m of super delicious orange polymer

I’m not (yet) what you would call a distance caster, not after 7 months, but that’s the way I’m headed. I like to fling a line, a lot. And I like to send it as far as I can. I suspect some testosterone is at play. Barrio does a distance line, the GT140S. That’s the one I picked up. Distance line here means three things:

  1. It’s long. 140′. So I’m not going to see that backing anytime soon. That means also it takes a lot of space in the reel.
  2. The belly is really long. This is not one of those things where all the mass is concentrated forward, in order to give you a good shoot with only a couple of yards in the air. On the contrary. The taper is designed so that the line behavior is stable, predictable, when you lengthen the amount you carry. I hate the former, and feel the later extremely comfortable. You feel really well what’s going one.
  3. It’s very visible. Mine is bright orange. Which is brilliant in order to get what Mike Heritage would call the sixth essential: to see what’s going on when you cast, especially with the backcast.

It sometimes splashes awfully, but I’m positive I’m the only one to blame. I’m sure in Marc’s hands it’s a whisper. And the best part (for cheap bastards like me)? It’s £24 incl. shipping.

I hate to admit it, but even if this one sounds like a commercial, it’s not. I’m not getting paid.  I just love the line. Hey, Mike! If you read this, just send me a GT140 in 5wt, and I may also say that my sex life got much better since I’m using your lines.


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