The wall

My tracking sucks. That’s no news but now I think it’s the next big problem to solve on the road to progress. I cast farther and farther, I’m a couple of feet short of shooting a whole Barrio Mallard 5wt, but my loops are ugly and plagued with tails.

I tried to cast along a wall this afternoon. If your tracking is bad, you know it because you hit the wall, so it helps keeping everything in plane. It may work, but after some contacts with said wall, I began to fear for my rod’s tip so I went back to my usual routine. But I think I’ll have to do that wall thing again. A lot.

My mug from now on

Actually, the farther I cast, the more I think my casting as a whole is shit, and that the more I work on it, the more my bad habits entrench. I’ll need a clinic soon, before it’s too late to correct them.

Things in urgent need of attention:

  1. tracking
  2. wrist (am I using it correctly?)
  3. casting plane (tilted 45 deg, can’t make it vertical)
  4. sharp stop
  5. power application

and probably tons of other stuff like grip, stance, casting arc and whatnot.

Does anyone know a good casting instructor within a 2 hrs drive from Lille?


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