Edna had a very personal way…

for Marc, who loves a good casting analysis

to take care of her son’s oedipal impulses.


3 thoughts on “Edna had a very personal way…

  1. i don’t know much about this baitcasting stuff but she’s impulsing very well. the extra hight from the platform shoes will help her cast the frog very far but sadly i doin’t see a landing net.

    i give her an A minus for form.

    ps- what editor thingy are you using to include text on the pics ?

    • A baitcasting rod should be held reel on top with the thumb on it since the line is released by hand!
      There’s not so much result casting this gear that way. If the spool is locked, the lure (or boy) will not fly anywhere; if the spool is not locked there’s no way she could load the rod!

      +1 for the platform shoes
      +2 for the Gimp

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