Carp on the fly:


With an ugly imitation of bread I cooked on the spot with deer hair GI-cut à la muddler minnow on a size 12 Kamasan B170. The tricky part was to have something crust-looking. I ended up with a couple of turns of rusty+brown dubbing. Don’t forget to crush the barb.

fuzzy deer hairs caused by fish abuse

The other morning, a good fish, about a pound and a half, was kind enough to mistake it for actual food. Then I tried it on a couple of cracking common, in the same weight range, from a lovely pond in Kent. It was good to meet some relative success with a fly I produced ad hoc. It was even better to catch carps on the fly in front of a bait crowd. The fish were definitely into surface stuff, and had I been a better tier, I’m sure it would have been murder.

Now, I’m going to chase the slabs. I’d like to catch a 4-6 pounder this year. It will probably involve some inquiry on the fly front. As for tactics, the theory says: go ninja, and drop the fly right in front of them. Obviously easier said than done.

And pike and mullet are still on the to-do list for a postmodern grand slam.


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