I’m in for the first course in fly casting of my life. It comes from Sexyloops, and as anything that comes that way, it’s experimental. First I should say it’s for a cause and here’s what you can do to help.

Mark, who’s the prof, treats panic fits with Ralph Vaughan Williams. Sure sign there’s a mind operating in there. I’ll probably need to load my phone with the Sea Symphony for when he’ll turn to me and say

The program was “An afternoon in the park with me and Snake using readily available foodstuffs and parts of a well worn drum kit to help improve your casting.” Let’s proceed. I need you to grab that aubergine and come here.

Meanwhile, if you suddenly cannot stand your life anymore because you just realized you’ll not make it for Baguettes and Drumsticks, let me pass on the panacea:

Up and coming: a summary of my life with the MHX F906-4, my sweet 6wt, her little sister the F904 I’m currently building, and a special project, the rehab of a 3wt that’s full of promises. Stay tuned.

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