About yarn

The stuff has some cool and hardly foreseeable uses. 1: the infamous fly casting practice fly. 2: the line on an indoors fly casting practice rig.

The following is Tim Rajeff trying hard to make you want one. The bastard got me. I’m not buying one, but I’m sure as hell will build one. Except mine will be cooler, with a cork grip.

Since we’re talking casting…

I’m back on the lawn, harder than ever. It’s great, except my casting sucks as usual. I’m currently incredibly regular at producing tailing loops that fuck up my forward cast at around 19-20m. Backcast looks much better usually, no idea why.

It didn’t prevent me to win my club’s casting event last sunday. I wouldn’t have boasted much, but since Julien already spilled the beans in the coms… It was a little weird: you could use whatever you wanted (nobody uses a double handed anyway), but you just had 3 casts. I was using my usual 6 wt (F906-MHX) rigged with the excellent Barrio GT140. Long story short, I won with a whooping 26.5m cast.

I guess it says more about the lack of real competition than my virtues as a caster, but I won’t deny it was flattering.

Also, it was good to demonstrate to a bunch of friends waving 10′ 8wt cannons that really, really, it’s the arm that does the job. The lawn session this morning tells me I would have ranked 2nd with a Mallard 4wt, a truly marvelous finesse line I will review here as soon as I’ve caught a couple of fish on it.

So really, it’s the arm. See you on the lawn.


8 thoughts on “About yarn

    • 1. thx
      2. yeah well, those two really look/sound the same. but I’m always glad to see how you pay attention, helps me keep alert ^_^
      3. oh, I tried that. and no power at all. and late power. everything fails but in interestingly different manners. I also have a clear tracking problem. I guess no easy/simple solution will do. It’ll take clinical attention by a pro — or several ^_^

      • it’s funny, i see you as a ’cause perdue’ but i do like a challenge ! 😆 😆

        as for the Rajeffs, apart from one being roughly twice the size of the other, you’re basically correct….

        • ha! don’t tell me I’m the first shit caster (as Hanneman says you would say :mrgreen:) you have to save?
          even if my casting is more a case for the ER than a mere clinic…
          do you do surgery?

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