Take that, bonefish!

Carp and mullet on the fly are definitely high in my bucket list. I know where I could get perfect conditions and even first class friendly advice, but alas none of it closer than a good 10 hours drive. I guess I’ll have to make it happen by myself.

Meanwhile, I dream about carp on the flats. And flats I can actually drive to, mind you. Boy, I need to do that.

Some dude who probably did not have to sell a kidney to get to this fish

Who needs the Caribbean sea?

flycarpin’ with attitude


4 thoughts on “Take that, bonefish!

  1. Carping is something I haven’t tried yet either… I guess I better get on it. I don’t want you one-uping me. 😉

    • well, I’m sorry I have to crush your heart, but I actually caught some carps this summer. but 1. small (<2lb) 2. on deer-hair bread imitations, not kosher imitations 3. not on flats. there's room to beat me.
      best of it all? caught the first couple in front of a bait crowd, first looking at me as if I were a nutjob on the loose, then totally green because I was catching and not them.
      I looked down upon them big time :p

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