Hot with a rod, cool by the pool

Ludmilla knew that most of the trendy socialites in her circles were rather horrified by her commitment as a fly fisherwoman. Common wisdom was: you can be serious about fashion or about fishing, but hardly about both.

“Says who?” asks Ludmilla, booking her flight for the August’s Oslo Fashion Week. Her magazine would pay to send her there and back, but she wanted to take care of the details for her trip to the Alta river, where she would forget all about the runways. She wanted that 30 pounder salmon. On the check list: new Polaroids matching her reel, maybe from Prada. A couple of hours of tuition with the double handed. Probably also a nice pair of gloves. Talk to Jean-Paul once more, and try to convince him to design a pair of waders in which your ass doesn’t look huge. Check her fly selection with Vegard, her favorite guide on the Alta.


4 thoughts on “Hot with a rod, cool by the pool

  1. I have found your book “Des poissons si grands” de Clostermann
    Librairie de Cluny
    Frédéric Bieber
    1 place Paul Painlevé 75005

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