More of the same on the NRX

Greg has a NRX, a fact I went about to some length long ago. If you read that, you know I love the thing: it’s probably one of the best 8wt in the history of fly fishing tackle, arguably THE best, and anyway I personally never cast a better one.

I wanted to dig deeper into it but Greg, who had something as a bit of an attention disorder with respect to tackle, had quickly sold it, much to my dismay. But yay! the old chap came back to his senses, realized what I had been telling him bitterly during our hour long drives to the fishing hole, and bought the same rod again. I was pleased. I had another half an hour casting session with it last week, confirming all the good I thought about it. Except that my casting is way better now that it was when I wrote the review, and as a result I was even more pleased.

Even with the spun crap that was on Greg’s reel I could cast to the last 2 yards of line. And that was because the end of the line was curlier than Nelly Olson, I reckon I would have sent the backing in the guides with a proper line, like my Barrio GT90. (I doubt I’ll ever see the backing with the GT140…)

N.O.: Don’t you dare comparing my hair to your filthy fishing thing.
Me: you’re right, that line was crap. Sorry Nelly.

The other night we felt wild and decided to go for some casting in the dark. I didn’t want to endure again Greg’s catastrophic thing, so which switched to my GT140 WF6. The NRX handles the line quite beautifully. Even when it was pitch dark, we could’t see shit and had to do most of the casting relying on the rod’s feedback. Not bad for a rod underlined of two numbers.

I was impressed. If you get a chance, go cast it, it’s a treat. But beware if you have that kind of dough. You could well find yourself 800 euros lighter sooner than you think.


8 thoughts on “More of the same on the NRX

    • did you try the 8wt?
      it would seem that with this number they hit a kind of sweet spot. I certainly haven’t the kind of experience you have with rods of all sorts, but this one is good, really.

      • i’ve extensively tried the whole series, SH & DH.
        yes, the 8wt is a little better than most but i find no sweet-spot in any of them. i like to forget the rod while i’m using them and these are just a constant reminder of what could be done better…
        “17 years in the making” and built like an inferior asian rod. it’s a has-been company that never was…

        thus said, it’s just my opinion and i of course respect your opinion and (bad) taste ! :mrgreen:

        • all right.
          just in case I can lay a hand on it and try to figure what you’re talking about, is there an 8wt you would recommend? TCR/X ?

          • TCX !!! you can try mine when we meet 🙂
            just as good but in 7’3″ is my SnakeCharmer bamboo. (it’s action was based on the TCX :mrgreen: )

            • somehow I saw this coming
              I look forward to try your wonder grass, I recall the post where you introduced it. hollow boo with a fine tip. does it age well ? you use it often ?

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