The babe

I’ve finished the build of my MHX-F904-4. This stick is going to give me truckloads of joy.

I used 2 coats of color preserver and 4 coats of Permagloss on the wraps. I just love that stuff. It’s really crystal clear, very thin so it allows to work with very thin multiple coats, which gives you way more control on what you’re doing. No bubble problems either.

Even if your wraps are quick and dirty, PG won’t make a fuss about it. It’s quite forgiving.

I’m quite pleased with the color theme. The match with the seat’s insert is quite good, and the gunsmoke trim does a fine job.

Fuji KW are my new standard for a stripper. The angle is just perfect to catch the line.

Let’s recap the delicious ingredients:

  • blank MHX F904-4
  • stripper Fuji KWSG 12
  • guides single foot Batson XTCHSFGP, #3, #2 then #1 all the way up.
  • tip XTCHFT3.5
  • reel seat Batson RYFW-SG
  • grip top flor cork discs Rodhouse (x12)
  • winding check Batson AWC 342-SG
  • Thread Mettler Polysheen 941 Golden Grain
  • CP Roddancer Chromoseal
  • finish U-40 Permagloss

I can’t wait to hit the lawn for a serious session with it, not to mention actually fishing it and catching plenty, but I test cast it for half an hour Saturday, in a 40kmh wind with rain. It’s just a fantastic rod, light, responsive, with control written all over it and voodoo juice oozing from all its pores.

I don’t know what more you can expect from a graphite rod.

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