6 thoughts on “Candy

        • why so reluctant?
          this wasn’t a trick question or the start of a troll, I just wanted fresh perspectives. I’m a big fan of non conventional ways, you may have noticed.

          • no reluctance Amigo. if the tool is good it can be used in many ways.
            outside of being able to comfortably use 6-7-8 wt lines, it’s 7’3″ and is a two piece.
            it’s better adapted to middle to larger freshwater fish.
            it’s very precise to use but mending and stuff is limited on flowing waters and is a little too short when there’s obstructions between myself and the water.
            is a pain to travel by plane.

            other than that, it’s better than 99% of any commercial rods 🙂

  1. all right. for some reason, I thought you were more a light line guy (probably this 3wt on a TCR 8 stuff). You use the 8wt for the wind?
    I can imagine the stress of having such a beauty in the plane’s cargo. better have a steel tube, and prey they don’t loose it.

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