Brahma Ruffian

This thing quite possibly would have changed my day Sunday morning, when I have been shamefully skunked once again. I suspect they wanted a wet slowly stripped just sub-surface.

I quite like the simplicity of the design. Just one feather and some thread.

6 thoughts on “Brahma Ruffian

      • not at all but it’s that volume, specially created on the outer shell by using so much hackle that will give it an appearance of a solid block (no impression of transparency/reflections or air bubbles) in the form of an elongated water drop.
        emerging, stillborn or drowned bugs don’t look like that.
        i’m not saying there’s anything wrong with this fly or it won’t catch fish but if it does there’s a lot of chances it would be taken for a non-descript ‘thingy’, specially if it moves or is moved in a seductive sexy way.
        i would consider this a mini-streamer because when wet it looks and behaves like one.

        • excellent!
          thanks for the insight. as for recognition of what the trout are looking for and eating, I’m even more incompetent than I am at casting the fly, which should give you an idea. So yeah, I only had the feeling that they were feeding subsurface, and they snobbed big time my midge emergers, DHE and buzzers. I guessed something non-descript but maybe not a shameless flashy lure.
          Do I get your point if I say that it’s a wet iff it imitates a specific form of food (insect/animal ?) and if not imitating it’s a streamer/lure ?

          • nah, wet just means it’s subsurface. it gets ‘wet’, but then so do nymphs but they’re not considered wets although a lot of wets will look like nymphs once wet ! 😆
            streamers & lures can be imitating (very) so, once again, no definites there either.

            a lot of these confusing designations are just part of an extremely inaccurate manner of separating ourselves from the spin-casting ‘lure’ crowd and we somehow just have to deal with it.
            fwiw, i personally consider all flies as lures and to simplify it even more, as far as fishing goes, it’s either bait or it’s a lure.
            generally i bow to conventionalism to be understood, specially when writing…

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