I’m off…

… to Heidelberg for a couple of days, to do philosopher’s shit, the kind which requires formal semantics, abstract argumentation frameworks and Ratnakīrti, but probably no fly rod.


Anyway, Heidelberg is nice, philosophers go there to do their stuff since forever, and there will be plenty of very good people, so I’m looking forward to it.

William Turner, Heidelberg, watercolor (1846).

Meanwhile men of the lake and wood and other friends are going to fish the Salamandre for big rainbows. I should have been there. I hate it when work and fishing interfere. A better man than I am would wish them good luck. I just wish they had chosen another day.

The bastards. ^_^


5 thoughts on “I’m off…

  1. ^_^ ! L’article est en cours de rédaction ! Pour le choix du jour, les alternatives étaient impossibles, mais bon, prends le avec…philosophie 😉 ! La prochaine fois, on s’y prendra encore plus tôt, pour que tout le monde puisse venir 😀

    • oep. au chapitre des catastrophes, train annulé hier, trois heures de voyages debout dans un fourgon avec trente mille autres infortunés, pour arriver à destination au bout de 10h…
      bref, j’aurais préféré être à la salamandre. je pense que j’en aurais fait une vingtaine à l’aise. :mrgreen:

  2. i ran a hot dog stand at a philosophy convention once. those hungry buggers ate me out of house and home but i made a lot of money.
    i still feel dirty from the experience and i’ll never do that again….

    • man, I feel your pain.
      I’ve never been to a philosophy convention, nor would I recommend to anyone to go, but hanging around a bunch of concept geeks selling them hot dogs looks to me as a good recipe for trauma.
      There was no hod dog in the Karl Jasper Center, but those Germans definitely know how to make a breakfast. I’m gonna miss that.

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