Gigantic knock on my head this week end. Few fish, when the old hands were doing relatively well (or not bad). Not skunked, but sufficiently close to warn me that my game is far from being tight enough.
(Painfully obvious) lessons :

1. learn how to tie a proper fly.

2. learn to make a proper leader.

I the fish are not crazy biting, it may save your sorry ass.

This thing is full of big fish. Who have seen billions of flies. And think mine are ugly. And my leader full of coils. So they won’t bite. The bastards.

Now, let’s go for the alphabetical credits.

Big thanks to Ed, Eric, Goulven, Guillaume, for making the Rodhouse FFD 1.1 so cool.

Thanks also to the Refendus fine team for their hospitality to a homeless trout bum: Christian, Jean-Pierre, Philippe and Yves. Fantastic wine and stories, some of them were even about fishing ^_^.

Last, not least, huge thanks to the fantastic crew at the Salamandre/Coyolles domains : Céline, Vincent and Bertrand. Bertrand went out of his way to try to show me and Philippe a couple of tricks. People, if you are anywhere between Paris and Lille (and beyond), go fish there. These are first class people, they will treat you well, and the water and the fish are superb.

I’ll be back soon, guys. With a new leader.


12 thoughts on “Spanked

            • you’ll be more than welcome.
              the usual way to define relevancy in inferences goes through variants of the abandon of the weakening rule, which allows as you know well to go from Sigma=>Delta to Sigma,A=>Delta by adding a redundant premiss.
              the logical cost of this move have been extensively investigated.
              I’ll inject a dose of game semantics to see what happen to the notion of relevant premiss from the perspective of winning strategies.

            • i have a sneaking suspicion that this will not only rid the World of Tailing Loops but also the common cold.
              you just might get a Nobel prize after all !

            • nah, I’m screw. formal logic is usually considered mathematics, and there’s no Nobel prize in Math, since Nobel caught his wife being naughty with one. There’s the Fields medal, which is the equivalent, but the bastards are all for this precociousness nonsense, and if you’re older than 40 you’re out, even if you’ve just proved Goldbach’s conjecture.
              Unfortunately, I was busy fishing and such, so now I’m older than Methuselah.

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