Back to work

People, I’ve spent a looooong time wading through thick shit, a sport I cannot recommend to any of you. Especially since it does absolutely no good to your casting.

But even the best things end up boring, I decided I’d better tidy up a little this here blog, throw a couple of buckets of coal in the steam engine, and make shit happen. Like breaking in the 100’s or even do a proper rollcast. I may even attempt to actually catch a fish.

(Stolen from the Limp Cobra who stole it somewhere else)

As a practitioner flycasting kung-fu (sic), I was born ready for battle, and I am now readier than ever. Up and coming : fun with Goulven’s Belle, a fast 6’6 3wt. A future expedition down south to get my sorry butt kicked by one of the very few casting übersensei living in France. And plenty more experimental stuff at the vice and on the lawn.

Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Back to work

    • oh, I think I’d rather get shot.
      hi Acey, nice to see you here. keep up with the dad job, you’re doing great!

      as for these shitty and silent months, even the best fun has to come to some end, and these loops are not gonna cast themselves…

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