Carp fishing gone overboard

It had been one hell of a fight to get this fat mama out of the weeds, especially on a 6wt. It had taken the best part of the day, and now, as it grew dark, a cold shower of melted snow started to lash bystanders’ faces on the dock. Jack, about to get back home after an intense day of leviathan fishing, shook hands with Cpt. O’Connelly, the one man whose help he really valued when the going was getting rough.

It was time for a Macallan. Double, straight.

Of ribs

Weilenmann, still laboring for the good of mankind as a whole…

I can’t believe that guy. The day the powers that be ask for good whether ’tis better for the universe to keep humanity in it, this guy will count for something.

Today it’s about tying off ribs. Even this he does better than the lot.

Thanks Hans!