A hazel branch

Last week, I was staying at my parents’ house. The very place where I first felt the fishing bug catching in me.


One morning some memories came back to me of the early days. I was ten, and already completely obsessed with fishing, even if my occasions to actually go and fish were relatively scarce. I would read and re-read La pêche sportive en eau douce (Sport Fishing in Freshwater) by J. M. Boelle, published in 1978 by Solarama, and stay in absolute awe looking at that guy:

In his way, the fly fisherman is an artist. His cast, both graceful and precise, has no room for sloppiness.

I was nowhere near to have the money to buy a fly rod, and there wasn’t any trout water I could reach by a bicycle ride. But I really wanted to know how it felt. So I did what I usually did in these cases: I built the damn thing myself. I grew up surrounded by wonderful hazel bushes, full of straight rods ideal to make bows, arrows, spears, swords, staffs, wands, walking sticks, and a couple more things I can’t remember now. So that would give me a blank.

Any of these would do

Any of these would do


The guides were a little trickier since I had no notion of how to do a wrap, but sneaking around in the basement I found just what I needed:

well, yeah.

well, yeah. No fancy Rec stuff.

I used an empty thread bobin as a reel The final product was quite bad and looked a lot like this:


With a coarse string as a fly line and my 10 years old’s enthusiasm as fuel, I even got a couple of loops in the air, and since I didn’t know what a tailing loop was, I think I didn’t make any. My parent’s lack of understanding of what I was doing was maybe a tad deeper than usual this day. They probably thought I was trying to catch imaginary air fishes.

Looking back on those days, I realize that most of what my fishing life was to become was already there. Lots of dreaming, books, cheap rod building and fly casting.

I was doomed.


4 thoughts on “A hazel branch

  1. i (well, you actually wrote it yourself) found your cure for Tailing Loops !
    massive amounts of hypnosis to wipe out the probably large part of your brain that thinks of them constantly and bingo ! you’re cured !

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