Light & Magic

At this point in my fly fishing/casting life, I’m definitely not a glass or bamboo guy. Yet, I think I’m close to be sold to the glass cause just because for their cosmetics. Yeah. I love to admit it, but I’m in this game in good part because of the way it looks. I feel relatively safe in this confession, I’m in good company: Gierach wrote something along the line. The special effects you can get when building on glass are really beautiful.

Here’s a master of this trade, a true artist in rod building — when he’s not possessed by some Transylvanian demon and fucks up a build big time with a red marker, a tragedy indeed, but thankfully rare.

So, you begin with stuff like that

tightloops1 tightloops3which admittedly is quite good as a start, and then some light and varnish magic operates and you end up with this

tightloops2 tightloops4 tightloops5

This is seriously good.


34 thoughts on “Light & Magic

    • funnily enough, yours is the only one he fucked up of all the builds I saw on his page. I can’t figure what happened to him. either you really have a bad mojo, or you somehow managed to piss him off.

        • hmm. he’s a rod builder, you can go specific. you could hope his finish will never level again or remain tacky forever, or that his wrap will always either release bubbles at the last moment or bleed horribly, or his guide alignment won’t ever be true again, etc.
          rod building curses are mighty fun.

            • yeah right.
              you know what? first you go get some really beautiful blank, then you dream a while and design a grip, glue the hardware, then you spend the hours to make the wraps in 00 silk, then you do your finish just to find some horrible stains and it’s still tacky after a week.
              then you come back and we’ll discuss how that compares to your gothic stuff. I’ll take the bats anyday.

  1. hmm. I don’t think I can match your depravation,
    yet, let me remark that in our wonderful human zoo, there probably is somewhere a movie where someone does just that. and probably also a club of guys who define their sexual orientation as Sicilian-style-own-cock-choking-while-mother-watchists.
    but nowhere you’ll find anyone enjoying a non curing finish. even the worse gimps have limits.

      • it is for all rod builders (as it’s basically the only thing you really can screw up in the build), but not really for me. first because I rather use urethane which is fuckup-proof, second because my real obsession is with tails
        (topics on sexyloops suggest it’s a rather common condition)

          • my problem would be: how to make them *only* on purpose.
            following your advice, I’ve started to try to produce tails at will, and now with a short line (like 10m) I can fairly predictably make or not make them.
            with longuer carries (>17m eg) they reappear from time to time, most often because of improper power application I think

            • ok, that’s good !
              keep on w/ 10m
              but also include 5M and 20m (or anywhere, the idea is to be good at this at any length)
              leave the line hand in your pocket (or elsewhere)
              what you need to figure out is the why it sometimes tail and the why it sometimes doesn’t.
              btw, it’s no use if you go and do exaggerated movements to produce tails. this is a great problem instructors have when demonstrating them: the tails aren’t ‘real’ (because nobody casts like that in real)
              it’s all very subtle. the challenge continues !

  2. yeah, I read the point on loops and I agree that most demo tails I’ve seen on vids were not really like mine.
    in my case, here’s an explanation (don’t know how many there will be). it’s a muscle/cognition issue. for short distance, I’m confident the loop will do what I want and I focus on power, mainly by reducing it. then at some point in the lengthening of the carry, I start to doubt the line will reach where I want it to go, and if I’m not extra careful I’ll push too hard too early, and that’s my recipe for a tail.
    at least it explains why it happens more with longuer carries.

  3. oh goodness, well I was going to reply on the glass rod, but then I sort of got lost on all the comment banter. Sorry for your shitty luck….eeeek

  4. wait a minute. finish on the whole rod ?! what a stupid thing to do. apart from bamboo that needs it what’s the point of varnishing something (at least in the case of carbon rods) that will take millions of years (estimated. no-one has been long enough to verify this) to degrade ???
    it adds unnecessary weight, fucks up a rod’s action, adds shine, removes all the sexyness of natural carbon, makes people like you cry and is completely pointless. it’s stupidity incarnate ! 😛
    btw M, i will NOT get over this… 😆

    • I don’t know who you’re yelling at Marc, I wholeheartedly agree, and can’t for my life figure out where this rant comes from. maybe there was something fishy in your drink? but why O why would someone think about finishing the whole blank? (I mean, except because Sage does, or every other big name brand for that matter)

      although, I must say I’m currently building a Quickline 5wt cannon that will totally quick ass, and is all finished in glossy black, and is so cute it looks like a sex toy. so to go completely overboard, I even did a glossy black finished grip.
      I kid you not.

        • well, you’re barking up the wrong tree then. :mrgreen:
          now that I think of it, it was a bit of an overstatement: Sage, Hardy, T&T and Winston do use painted/finished blanks, and St Croix too I think. Not Loomis, at least not always — not the NRX anyway, a sweeeet 8wt

          (in the old days when Gary was in charge he knew better than that)

          • a safe bet would be more than 90% of all factory and ‘custom’ builds are. funny (sad actually) is that it’s the customers who want all that shiny shit, glit and glam, not the makers.
            go figure…

  5. yeah well, people don’t buy primarily a fishing tool, much less a casting tool. they buy visual pleasure, a ticket for boasting and a penile substitute.

    at least in our modest mancave at rodhouse, pinnacle of French rodbuilding, the official doctrine is orthodox and painted blanks are scorned. Eric (the guy who built the Epic I tried) will go far to gain weight. He builds a 9′ 5wt at 74g.
    We ordered the Quicklines together: first thing he did was to sand his. :mrgreen:
    I was tempted, but succumbed to the appeal of glossy black. since I know that fly casting is kung-fu, I’ve been striving to get lacquered weapons.
    I’m gonna go all Tarantino on them trouts.

    • ah, it’s a sad story, the results of which can be seen there:

      not really a disaster, but far from the classy understatement of the rest of the production. The reel seat is mediocre and unsightly on this blank. I don’t care much for nationalist pride, and the blank comes from NZ anyway.

      congrats for your choice. I don’t know if you understand French, I’ve tested the 480, and wrote a long review here. I’m a fast carbon guy, at least at this stage of my fly casting development, but I must say I had no problem understanding what’s the glass revival is all about. The whole experience left me craving for more. I don’t have the budget for an Epic now, so I’m gonna make me a tadpole instead… :mrgreen:

      • Hi and thank you!

        Unfortunately no I don’t read french, otherwise I’d love to read the review. I cast the 686 but I couldn’t pass up a deal on a completed 580 so I sure hope I like it as much. Plus it’s too nice of a blank, I’m scared of fucking it up.

        As far as the tadpole, as an alternative, and if you’re interested, there’s a retired rodbuilder in the UK selling off his old sportex and fibatube glass blanks for less than £20, I bought a 7.5 foot 4 and an 8 foot 5 weight plus some hardware to work on over the winter..

        • hmm, that’s quite interesting, thanks for the tip!
          I sent him a mail, we’ll see what happens.
          I’ve a good source for Batson stuff in France, so I’m thinking I’ll experiment a litlle with their SPG blanks. I’ve read good things about them. They’re quite cheap, and I never did a spigot, so I guess it’ll be a good opportunity to learn something.

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