Hot with a rod, cool by the pool

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Since the new caretaker had been appointed at the local fishery, an unprecedented fervor for flyfishing was noted in the female population of the parish. Miss Peddington, on behalf of the Women’s Club, had booked weekly fly casting lessons for the next six months. This trend rose some concerns among the men, most notably among the Three Feathers’ Pub regulars who made clear, by the most vigorous declarations, that they expected the fishery management to take measures to restore domestic peace in the neighborhood and on the banks of the pond.

Mr. Peddington, the fishery owner, decided shortly after that some change in the staff was in order if the Jolly Trout Ponds were to maintain the high esteem they were held in many miles around. Upon conseling by Mr. Fortharoad, the Three Feathers’ Pub landlord, he contracted another new caretaker.


A few weeks after these events, cross point embroidery was back in favor at the Women’s Club. Rumours were heard that heated debates took place in the Peddington household concerning the reimbursement of six months worth of cancelled fly casting lessons.

[Dear reader, I’m not a native English speaker but I strive to write it as well as I can.
If ever you spot language errors here, I’d love to hear about it and correct them. Don’t hesitate to point them in the comments.]


2 thoughts on “Hot with a rod, cool by the pool

  1. I think your English is phenomenal for a non-native speaker. I’ll gladly correct you if you like, but it’s still better than half the Americans I know..:)

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