In the shadow, something

When I’m not running here and there in Netherlands to see my former students becoming doctors, sometimes even getting a say in the process (my first PhD commitee, if I’m allowed to boast a little), I try to make this project a little more real. It’s a fairly fast 5wt, that I’m wrapping whole black (as in: black). Struggled a little to get the decal right, first I went with stickers, to no avail, then I got a splendid opportunity to get cold peel decals made for me (thanks Nico !!). This cold peel stuff is just the dog’s bollocks, really, but it’s not cheap (as in: arm and leg). Seems that the guys have to do them serigraphic style, looks like a major pita. That’s how the rod looks now. decal domus 1 Ie: good. I’ve wrapped the ferrules, l have to mesure the blank, place the guides, wrap them, and finish the whole thing. I got creative on the grip, can’t wait to show you. And while I’m at it: beloved readers, if any of you is aware of a technology allowing to print cold peel decals, please O please make yourself known, be that by PM or in the comments. You’ll be rewarded karmatically by tighter loops, better water reading skills, and overall enhanced sexyness.

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