Ros knew very well that streetfishing was not only a matter of fashion statements, even if the way you look does matter when you fish in Camden. In this particular occasion, the fish — a good mackerel — was in the sewage system and getting anywhere near the open hole would have certainly spooked the hell out of the fish. So it was quite literally a matter of putting her fly on a dining plate at 15 yards.


After the brilliant catch, Ros congratulated herself on two accounts: first, her fishing outfit was a perfect match for the beautiful colors of the fish; second, she had been most inspired to book those lessons for accuracy casting.

‘Now’, she wondered, ‘maybe that 12′ 10wt is indeed a tad too much for mackerel. I should get one of those little Ritz rods, maybe I could get one with a grip matching my bag…’

Glass, again

This glass thing is strangely insistent.

Very cool loops here, and a rather random video edit, especially without any proper end. But what do I know? I hear that even for fly casting, the stop is quite an overrated notion.

Speaking of glass, the tadpole blanks should be somewhere along the Morbihan’s Gulf anytime soon. With these I’m gonna build me a fun little glass thing. And, modulo a couple of stylistic adjustments, what I’m going to do when it gets warm again is that:

Of course tadpoles are no Kabutos, they aren’t bright yellow with cool white spigots for instance. But I don’t care. They’re cheap, and very chic. Or vice versa.

Going on

Thanks to Harps on SL, a chance to read some Tennyson.

And draw them all along, and flow,
To join the brimming river,
For men may come and men may go,
But I go on forever.

Which conjures images from the Hudson River school. Such as this one

Trout Fisherman, oil on canvas, John Frederick Kensett (1852).

Trout Fisherman, oil on canvas, John Frederick Kensett (1852).

Light & Magic

At this point in my fly fishing/casting life, I’m definitely not a glass or bamboo guy. Yet, I think I’m close to be sold to the glass cause just because for their cosmetics. Yeah. I love to admit it, but I’m in this game in good part because of the way it looks. I feel relatively safe in this confession, I’m in good company: Gierach wrote something along the line. The special effects you can get when building on glass are really beautiful.

Here’s a master of this trade, a true artist in rod building — when he’s not possessed by some Transylvanian demon and fucks up a build big time with a red marker, a tragedy indeed, but thankfully rare.

So, you begin with stuff like that

tightloops1 tightloops3which admittedly is quite good as a start, and then some light and varnish magic operates and you end up with this

tightloops2 tightloops4 tightloops5

This is seriously good.