Carp fishing gone overboard

It had been one hell of a fight to get this fat mama out of the weeds, especially on a 6wt. It had taken the best part of the day, and now, as it grew dark, a cold shower of melted snow started to lash bystanders’ faces on the dock. Jack, about to get back home after an intense day of leviathan fishing, shook hands with Cpt. O’Connelly, the one man whose help he really valued when the going was getting rough.

It was time for a Macallan. Double, straight.


I’ve a bucketful of objections to hero shooting, and and a couple more to self hero shooting, but this guy just deserves a mention

I just wonder when will pop out on the tubes the first vid from the gopro of a dead guy who drowned BradPitting. I don’t see much of an ethical dilemma (obviously the relatives may be a little upset, but that doesn’t make them right). After all the guy would have gone to his death to be the hero of an action movie. But life isn’t Hollywood and sometimes the good guy dies.

7 miles

It’s been more than a month since the last fishporn. Fact is: my pain threshold is going down fast. Watching series of fish hooked and released just bore me to death. And don’t get me started on the retarded choices of music.

Well then, why another one? asks the astute reader. I’m not sure. This one got me at the campfire with the deer. But turn the volume down, or be prepared for a brainfuck.

Or you can cut the sound of the video and power-klezmerize it with Yom and the Wonder Rabbis:

All of a sudden, the life and death games of fly fishing take deeper shadows and an interesting edge.

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