Night fly

Julie London is my find of the day. Fantastic voice, and the looks to match. She’s the original singer of Cry me a river. I can’t believe it took me so long to discover her.

I chose ‘Round midnight because (a) she totally nails it and (b) I was looking for an excuse for slapping in irrelevant fly fishing footage. But there’s nothing really exciting on the tubes. Just ugly nightshots. And after some research, turns out this whole night fly affair smells really fishy.

How they'd like you to think it will look like

How they’d like you to think it will look like

How it will probably look like on screen back home (ie: shit)

How it will probably look like on screen back home (ie: shit)

Lee Cummings doing esoteric stuff with a fluorescent Xi3

How it looks like if you dropped acid with a fly casting guru and his phospho Xi3

How it actually looks like (according to Marc anyway)

In the dark, the living may be easy and the cotton high, but you’ll hear them goddamn fishes jumping like never before.

Go alone and it will scare the crap out of you.

Un jour, ma cabane

Sipping tea while the afternoon dies away, tying midge emergers — because you never know — and trying to forget that sooner or later I’ll have to get down. The radio would play jazz covers of pop songs.

Not least:

Some may object that it’s not jazz, but I guess that would be the malignant cells brooding a pancreatic tumor speaking for them.


is upon us. And since it’s been quite a while since the last time I posted some music, here’s a sampler of Les Feuilles Mortes (Autumn Leaves). The song was originally composed by Joseph Kosma in 1945 on a poem by Prévert, for a Carné movie, Les portes de la nuit.

Let’s start with a damn fine version where Chet Baker and Paul Desmond lead the band. Steve Gadd on drums is kicking serious ass. It happened in 1992, which doesn’t make us any younger, does it?

Baker and Desmond take out most of the post-war Ashkenazic harmonics of the tune, but what would the gringos know about central Europe nostalgia anyway?

Once the song is a standard, anything goes, including this:

Fantastic! Gonzalo Rubalcaba, mass murdering on the piano. Has that anything to do with anything? No. But then, what would a Cuban know about Autumn leaves anyway?

Next version is my personal favorite from a female vocalist. Helen Merrill is outstanding in this frugal cover, gracefully supported by Ron Carter’s bass. Not a single superfluous note. Wait for the last bar, it’s a killer.

I’ll end this little autumnal monomania with a gem I dug waaay deep in the archives of vinyl dope.

Arthur Prysock is a clearcut badass. He says: I don’t always sing jazz standards, but when I do, the guy from Dos Equis and Chuck Norris do the backing vocals in a lamé dress.

PS. Obviously, I left out many great versions. Be sure to check at least Vera Lynn, Ahmad Jamal, Miles Davis and John Coltrane.


I’m in for the first course in fly casting of my life. It comes from Sexyloops, and as anything that comes that way, it’s experimental. First I should say it’s for a cause and here’s what you can do to help.

Mark, who’s the prof, treats panic fits with Ralph Vaughan Williams. Sure sign there’s a mind operating in there. I’ll probably need to load my phone with the Sea Symphony for when he’ll turn to me and say

The program was “An afternoon in the park with me and Snake using readily available foodstuffs and parts of a well worn drum kit to help improve your casting.” Let’s proceed. I need you to grab that aubergine and come here.

Meanwhile, if you suddenly cannot stand your life anymore because you just realized you’ll not make it for Baguettes and Drumsticks, let me pass on the panacea:

Up and coming: a summary of my life with the MHX F906-4, my sweet 6wt, her little sister the F904 I’m currently building, and a special project, the rehab of a 3wt that’s full of promises. Stay tuned.

RX6 F906-4 static

For those of you who wonder about that 9 guides affair, here’s a first hint: pics of the static test. As far as I’m concerned, the static is cool. Guides #2 and 3 from the stripper would ideally put a little less angle in the line, but it’s not bad at all so I’m pleased with the result.

Junior (second from the right) should be a tad higher if I wanted to be perfectly happy

You may want to meet this guy, he helps me with static tests:

Not Memphis, but slim anyway

Welded by my brother, the artist in the family. And since I’m being a smart ass about Memphis Slim, I give you Everyday I have the Blues, a perfect number anytime I’ll hit the water with this blue carbon babe.

The one that got away

A really uncommon video clip for a cold-waveish band, both because its story is based on fly fishing, and because it’s fucking brilliant. Actually, if one were to categorize it, it should be shelved among the vanitas, together with some paintings from Adriaen van Utrecht and Simon Renard de Saint-André.

Sickle Pomfret (Taractichthys Steindachneri), much less irrelevant than it may seem

Picture by Marc Dimov, loads more of his excellent work on his site. Go check it!


All right, this is old news and everybody already knew about the last This is Fly edition a month ago. But that’s just me, min-maxing possible care about what just happened, as untimely as your average Friedrich Nietzsche, and seriousy digging the mixtape.

Go check it here: I have doubts about track #5, which is kind of cheesy 80s pop meets rap, not suitable for all audiences, and #6 which is positively annoying. Except that it’s sick.

Cacahuète de cirque

Je ne sais pas pourquoi Kelly Galloup a donné ce nom à son streamer, mais c’est à tout prendre de meilleur goût que l’insoutenable saloperie de house sautillante que la vidéo nous inflige en bruit de fond.

Coupez le son, vous êtes prévenus.

Mais il ne sera pas dit que vous perdrez des dixièmes aux oreilles ici. g0ne, le blog pêche qui s’inquiète pour vos tympans, vous suggère d’accompagner le montage du cirque articulé d’un petit John Zorn monté sur ressorts, qui ne pourra que prendre vos macules dans le sens du poil.